Virginia Cooperative Extension to offer Well Water Testing Clinic to residents of Franklin, Henry and Pittsylvania Counties

Do you have a well, spring or cistern? Would you like to learn more about your water quality through affordable, confidential testing and become empowered to make decisions about system maintenance and water treatment!  The goal of the Virginia Household Water Quality Program is to improve the water quality and health of Virginians with private water supplies, including wells, springs and cisterns.  The best part: your water test results are explained in a helpful meeting or one-on-one with your local agents. We work with homeowners in diagnoses and ways of preventing contamination and treating water quality problems before and after problems arise.  It is very important to know the quality of the water your family and animals are consuming, because certain contaminants can have devastating effects on your family and furry friends. The cost per kit is $55 dollars. If you are testing more than one water source, you will need to purchase additional kits.  WHY TEST? Eighty-three percent of those using individual wells in Virginia own their homes, and more than half are still paying their mortgage.  Keeping the water supply safe is essential to protecting these families’ property values. If the water you are consuming comes from a drilled well, spring, or cistern we advise testing because unlike city water which is monitored daily, treated with chemicals for contaminants, and must follow EPA drinking water guidelines your water source does not.  Comparing your results to federal EPA drinking water standards for public water systems will help you determine if water problems are present. While the presence of some contaminants may be hazardous to your health, others may just be a nuisance.  We suggest testing once a year, because then you can closely monitor the quality and quickly make changes.  Every year total coliform bacteria should be tested, because it can cause gastro-intestinal illness.  Color changes in your water or staining on fixtures could be a result of iron and manganese.  Pin hole leaks or blue staining could be a result of pH, copper, or lead.  If you are concerned, about nearby land uses that potentially could cause problems with your water quality the test can help answer those questions too.  This year we will have a Water Model at the program to help explain the where and how wells work and contamination can occur. If you would like to sign up for the clinic and get your water tested for $55 per kit, please call the Franklin County Extension Office at 540-483-5161. Preregistration is required, payment in full is required, and no refunds will be made after checks are deposited.  Click on this link for additional information and registration form.   2018 Well Water Clinic