Best Management Practice Applications Now Being Accepted For 2019-2020

Best Management Practice Applications Now Being Accepted For 2019-2020 The Blue Ridge Soil & Water Conservation District located at 1297 State Street, Rocky Mount, VA is currently accepting applications for assistance with installation of agricultural best management practices that are designed to conserve soil and protect water quality. July 1, 2019 began our new fiscal year and agriculture producers who are considering signing up for assistance this year are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. Since funding is limited, all practices must be approved prior to implementation and are subject to prioritized ranking for approval. 2019-2020 Cost-Share applications will be accepted July 02, 2019 through close of business on Friday, September 6th 2019. If cost-share is still available after this first sign-up round, a second sign-up round of cost-share may be offered at a later date. The following is a list of some of the practices available for cost share, however, it is not an exhaustive list. • Reforestation of Erodible Crop Land & Pasture Land • Grazing Land Protection (stream exclusion, water fountains, well, pipeline and fencing) • Harvestable Cover Crop • Non-Harvestable Cover Crop • Continuous No-Till • Animal Waste Control Facility • Nutrient management Plan Writing • Split Application of Nitrogen on Corn using Pre-Sidedress Nitrate Test • Late Winter Split Application of Nitrogen on Small Grains • Riparian Vegetative or Forested Buffers For more information regarding water quality and erosion control best management practices, please contact Michael Tabor (Senior Conservation Specialist) at (540) 483-5341 ext. 122.

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